SF6 gas

Indispensable in energy transmission and distribution

Thanks to its dielelectric strength and excellent insulating properties, SF6 has been used as an insulating gas for medium and high voltage components for many years. Its excellent arc quenching properties (100 times faster than air) has made it suitable as a proven medium in encapsulated medium and high voltage switchgear for decades.

The use of SF6 gas allows more compact and material saving switchgear design combined with higher switching capacity and plant security.

Use in other industry sectors

Moreover, SF6 gas is also used in other industries such as semi-conductor industry, in display and micro-technology where it mainly serves as etching gas for the production of ultra-fine structures, the so-called "wafers".

In medical technology sulphur hexafluoride is for example used for ultrasonic testing and in ophthalmology. SF6 is also used in X-ray equipment, radar systems, particle accelerators and electron microscopes.