Remote control router in transport case

For secure connection of DILO devices to the Internet

Mobile remote control router for Ethernet devices

Mobile remote control router for Ethernet and MPI devices

The fl exible K176R21 / R31 / R32 routers allow remote access to the connected DILO device via the Internet. The router is protected in the transport case and can be magnetically attached to a wide variety of devices with just a few simple steps. The Internet connection is possible via LAN or mobile network. Error analysis, operation or software adaptation of the connected devices can thus be carried out quickly and easily by our specialists from the Babenhausen location all over the world, at low cost and in a short period of time.

For this purpose, the router establishes a securely encrypted VPN connection to a cloud-based remote control service. This guarantees full protection against unauthorised access. If desired, a separate VPN channel can also be established for our customers. This allows to call up the systems status remotely with a tablet, smartphone or PC.

When used with older special units, the K176R31 router can access to S7-200 controls via MPI interface. This router can also serve as IIoT gateway to various cloud providers. Thus, you can store and analyse important data centrally in the future.

  • Router connection to the Internet via LAN
  • Router connection to the Internet via mobile radio through LTE (4G)
  • Connection to DILO devices via LAN to router
  • Connection to DILO devices via MPI to router (only for K176R31)
  • SMS or E-mail is possible in case of alarm (only for K176R31 and K176R32)
  • IloT-Ready (Industrial Internet of Things) (only for K176R31 and K176R32)