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Performance put into the spotlight live

"Three minutes for a good climate"

Corporate Video

Driven by the values of quality, innovation, reliability and flexibility, we focus on healthy growth and sustainability. Technology in harmony with ecology is our philosophy. Zero emission and maximum reuse of SF6 are the goals which our 300 employees dedicate themselves to with full enthusiasm every day. Watch it now ...

(Duration approx. 3 min.)


70 years of DILO - Interview Christian Scheller / DILO CEO


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Tutorial Videos

MultiAnalyser V1

Commissioning MultiAnalyser V1

Measurement MultiAnalyser V1

Settings MultiAnalyser V1



MultiAnalyser V2

Commissioning MultiAnalyser V2

Measurement MultiAnalyser V2

Settings MultiAnalyser V2

Software update MultiAnalyser V2




Comissioning L057R01

Standard Equipment L057R01

Standard Functions L057R01



Smart SF6 gas handling

The latest DILO products

The video gives you a summary of new products and services making SF6 gas handling in GIS production and power utilities even more comfortable.

(English, duration approx. 4 min.)

For automatic testing of switching points of installed density monitors

DensiControl IN B178R51

The newly developed DensiControl IN allows easy and precise verification of density monitor switching points without SF6 emission.

This device is also used to check whether the switching points are triggered in time without having to disassemble the density monitor. You only need to install a lock valve (3-1150-R...) on the gas compartment.

(English, duration approx. 3 min.)

Leak testing units with SF6 as tracer gas

LeakScanner Series

The integral and automatic leak measurement on series components and modules is the core competence of these DILO units. Our video gives you a short overview of the LeakScanner series.

(English, duration approx. 4 min.)

For easy coupling and uncoupling of hoses

Quick coupling DN20

The quick coupling is very useful in all fields of application where hoses have to be frequently loosened and reconnected. The video film gives you an idea of its use in practice.

(English, duration approx. 1 min.)

Hermetically tight

The DILO sealing principle

DILO couplings allow a connection to be made by simply screwing the two coupling parts together. Before the metal to metal seal closes the pressure and vacuum tight coupling is sealed inside by means of an O-ring. When loosening the coupling parts again, the same O-ring prevents gas loss whilst the self seal valves close.