DILO Certified Gas

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DILO Certified Gas (DCG)?

DILO Certified Gas is the seal of quality of DILO in the field of gases, gas mixtures and related services. It guarantees the consistently high quality of all products and services offered in accordance with the legal rules and regulations!

Which services does DILO offer in relation to Certified Gas?

  • Selling of gases and customer-specific gas mixtures in the field of Alternative Insulating Gases and SF6
  • Reconditioning or preparation and return of Alternative Insulating Gases and SF6
  • Certified gas analyses in the in-house DILO Lab
  • Rental of pressure vessels
  • TÜV repeated inspections of pressure vessels

How are the pressure vessels with DILO Certified Gas labelled?

  • With UN 1080 Label à Reconditioned SF6 in new gas quality
  • With UN 3163 Label à Mixtures of Alternative Insulating Gases with C4

For gas before treatment: What colour must the pressure vessel be? Which label?

  • Green pressure vessel = for used SF6 gas with an SO2 content of < 250 ppmv
    UN 3163 label (used sulphur hexafluoride; as from 450 litres with UN 3163 label on two opposite sides)

    Thread: W21.8x1/14 right-handed
  • Yellow pressure vessel = for used SF6 gas with an SO2 content of ≥ 250 ppmv
  • UN 3308 label (toxic and corrosive SF6 gas) or SF6 gas in an unknown condition
    Thread: 1“ left-handed
    This gas is currently not accepted by DILO!
  • Pressure vessels for used gas mixtures with Alternative Insulating Gases with a CO content of < 5000 ppm: UN 3163 label (liquefied gases, N.A.G.)

 (More information about road transport, ADR, etc. can be found in the transport regulations)

Can pressure vessels be rented from DILO?

We offer pressure vessels for rental as well as for sale.  You may also send the gas to DILO in your own pressure vessels.

What should you do if the TÜV inspection for the pressure vessel has expired?

Transportation of the pressure vessel with an expired TÜV inspection is no problem if the vessel is sent to us for emptying or for TÜV repeated inspection.  Vessels can thus be transported to DILO without a valid TÜV inspection.

Is DILO allowed to accept used gas for disposal?

Yes. DILO has been a certified Waste Management Company for SF6 and gases used as quenching and insulating gas since 2018. This certification is checked and updated in regular audits