Weighing scales

For control of the fill quantity in 600 l gas containers

The weighing scales have been developed specially for large containers used for example in GIS production or in large substations. The weighing range of the device is up to 2,000 kg. The determined weight is indicated on the display immediately.

The integrated serial interface is a special feature allowing data communication with other DILO devices. Thus, not only the weight can be read on the service cart, but the recovery process can also be stopped via the DILO service cart after having reached the provided filling weight. Furthermore, the data can also be transmitted to the laptop or to special monitoring software. There is no easier way of SF6 monitoring.

Other features:

  • Weighing range: up to 2,000 kg with tare function
  • Serial interface
  • Digit increment: 0,2 kg
  • Weight indication reversible from kg to lbs
  • Release of the weighing system is not necessary for transportation