DILO High pressure tube unions

Maintaining pressure tightness even under extreme conditions

Do you have to handle high pressures, extreme temperatures, aggressive media or hot vapours with high process reliability? Here are DILO’s high pressure tube unions!
Our high pressure tube unions remain hermetically sealed even under critical operating conditions.

The secret lies in the high quality metal-to-metal sealing principle developed by DILO. The high pressure tube unions are sealed without any intermediate seal compound. The seal is obtained by direct contact of the tongue and groove sealing surface.

Our sealing principle allows permanent pressure tightness up to 1,000 bar and withstands temperatures from -270 °C up to +650 °C (dependent on the material used). In case your pipework systems require frequent maintenance it is a double win situation since DILO high pressure tube unions are completely maintenance-free and can be loosened and re-connected as often as required. So valuable time is saved and your service costs are significantly reduced.