Leak testing unit “LeakTracker”

For automated, localising leak testing of series components

Special features

- Mobile or stationary measuring unit
- Air as test medium with overpressure e. g. > 200 mbar
- Linear or circular sensor guidance
- Parallel operation of up to 32 sensors


  • High precision, detection of leaks of up to 5x10-3 mbar l/s
  • No contamination of the test environment with e.g. test fluids
  • High measuring speed, up to 250 mm/sec
  • Result display on the evaluation unit, additional labelling/marking on the test object (optionally)

Application examples:

- Barrel lid seal e.g. for chemicals, tanks or vessels
- Checking of welding seams on pipes
- Testing of pressure vessels in pneumatics
- and many others...

Do you have any questions or a specific application? We are pleased to help you. Please do not hesitate to contact us under sales(at)dilo-gmbh(dot)com