SF6 leak testing units – from small to extra large

Model range "LeakScanner SV"

Vacuum testing of smaller components (without gas handling)

This model range with a chamber volume of approx. 50 - 500 l is the ideal solution for testing smaller components where gas handling can take place outside the test chamber.

Industrial gas handling monitoring equipment

Vacuum testing of larger components  (with or without integrated gas handling)

We manufacture systems of this model range with a chamber volume of 500 l to approx. 20,000 l. We recommend this model range where larger components need to be tested or where integrated gas handling in the test chamber is required. In this case, the test objects are filled with SF6 in the chamber. Gradual evacuation and filling of the test objects is also possible in order to avoid an inadmissible differential pressure between the test object and chamber.

Zero emissions industrial gas equipment

An advantage for users in the field of energy technology:
When testing SF6-filled control system components, SF6 can remain in the test object after testing. This makes the SF6 test method an interesting alternative to the known helium leak test in the field of GIS production as it is not necessary to recover the test gas from the test chamber after completion of the test process. As a consequence, the SF6 test method has a shorter handling time per test unit.

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