DN20 Quick coupling

For easy coupling and uncoupling of hoses

The quick coupling is very useful in all fields of application where hoses have to be frequently loosened and reconnected e. g. during final tests of completely mounted GIS fields.

Thanks to the clamp lock the DN20 hoses can easily be connected without any loss of SF6 gas. Thus the handling times in GIS production are shortened and productivity is increased considerably.

Replacement cable and fastener for industrial use

closed coupling

Replacement cable for gas monitoring equipment

open coupling

Important note:
The quick coupling is only compatible with DILO coupling groove parts of version 2 (additional “V2” stamp on the flange or wrench size).

Other features:

  • Clamp lock for quick coupling and uncoupling
  • Suitable for hoses DN20
  • Pressure range up to 10 bar
  • Robust version