Systems for gas storage

For safe storage of gases in gaseous or liquid form

Blue tanks in a row

7 storage tanks with a volume of 6m³ each and 50 bar storage pressure

Special features

  • Connection between the storage tanks via a collecting pipe with solenoid valves
  • Operation via a touch panel integrated in the control cabinet
  • Weight indication of the individual storage tanks directly on the tank and additional indication of the individual weights and the total weight on the touch panel
  • Indication of the gas quality
  • Pressure indication via gauge directly on the tank and on the touch panel
  • Remote control via tablet, PC or mobile phone
  • Indication of gas density and temperature
  • Different storage volumes and pressure levels are available on request
  • Horizontal and vertical versions
  • Acceptance according to the 2014/68/EU pressure equipment directive, optionally ASME or SQL approval
  • Self-closing couplings for maintenance
  • Special solutions on request.