Gas Disposal

If your SF6 gas is too heavily contaminated or is no longer needed for your applications, you can return the SF6 gas up to an SO2 content of 250 ppmv to DILO. The used SF6 gas is not thermally combusted, but is reconditioned at DILO to new gas quality and is then available again. This means that no additional emissions are caused, neither during disposal (by thermal combustion) nor during the production of new SF6 gas. After completion of the process, you receive a record of the SF6 reconditioning carried out at DILO.

The following points must be observed before dispatch to DILO:

The quality of the gas must be known and the SO2 value must not exceed 250 ppmV ( Download check lists). If the quality is unknown, an analysis in the DILO Lab is possible in advance.

  • The cylinder(s)/vessel(s) must be marked with the UN 3163 label for used SF6 gas
  • Only green vessels may be sent to DILO (yellow = toxic and corrosive)

Empty vessels are then sent back to the customer (recovered down to < 1 mbar) with the corresponding documentation and UN 3163 label.