GC/MS complete analysis

In addition to the FT-IR rapid analysis, the service offered includes gas chromatographic (GC) separation of a gas mixture and subsequent mass spectrometric (MS) detection of the ions. This covers the entire analytical spectrum and allows the quantification of all common gases down to the ppm range and the decomposition products down to the ppb range.

GC-MS analysis:

The service offered includes the GC-MS analysis of a gas mixture and the quantitative evaluation of the proportion of 3M™ Novec™ 4710/5110 (C4/C5) and oxygen or SF6 as well as the listing of the detected by-products.

Measuring principle: Gas chromatography (GC) is based on the separation of gas mixtures using GC columns. The connected mass spectrometer (MS) is used to identify unknown substances down to the ppb range.

Preparation of the gas sample: Not necessary

Measuring method:

  • GC-MS screening (quantitative), quantitative determination of C4/C5, oxygen (O2) and sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) using certified test gases, qualitative determination of by‑products/decomposition products.
  • SIM mode (qualitative), detection of a few selected mass numbers (m/z) in the mass spectrometer, increased sensitivity and detection limit.

Accuracy: ≤ 100 ppb, depending on substance and measuring range

Pressure and volume of the gas sample: Min. 4 bar in 1 l gas cylinder or 2.5 bar in 2 l gas cylinder. Please let us know the type of thread at the outlet.

Evaluation: For each sample, our specialists issue a certified measurement report with the exact composition of the gas sample.

Standard processing time: 4 - 6 weeks