Sectors and fields of application

A solution for numerous applications

Leak testing with SF6 test gas is mainly used for testing serial components where leak tightness is an essential quality or safety factor and a very low leakage rate is therefore required.

Major fields of application:

  • Power engineering
    - Switchgear components (MV and HV)
  • Automotive industry
    - Common rail injection systems, fuel pumps
    - Oil and cooling circuits on cylinder heads and blocks
    - Refrigerant container, cooling hoses
    - Air bags (generators, igniters)
    - Fuel tanks, fuel lines and pumps
    - Components for braking systems
  • Refrigeration and air-conditioning technology
    - Heat exchangers, hoses for cryogenic agents, air-conditioning compressors, vaporisers, air-conditioning lines, charge-air intercooler
  • Plant engineering
    - Pumps, valves and fittings

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