Xenon recovery unit

For the economic recovery of xenon from production plants

Special features/Process

  • Evacuation of the customer's test chamber
  • Filling of the chamber with xenon
  • After successful testing inside the chamber, the gas is recovered and stored into cylinders.
  • Permanent monitoring of the gas quality by means of an O2 sensor
  • Reuse of the recovered gas if the gas quality complies with the customer’s specification or automatic supply of new gas in case the measured gas quality no longer meets the required criteria.

Technical data

- Oilfree compressor: 3.2 m³/h, 50 bar
- Oilfree suction pump (for gas): 15 m³/h, < 0.1 mbar
- Oilfree vacuum pump (for air): 15 m³/h, < 0.1 mbar
- Operation via colour touch panel

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