Gas tight cutting device with lashing straps

For SF6 gas recovery from non-metallic gas compartments “sealed for life“

This version has been specially designed for emission-free SF6 gas recovery from non-metallic gas compartments – sealed for life – (e. g. medium voltage components of epoxy resin) often with uneven, convex or round surface.

The cutting device can be mounted easily on the components to be disposed of by means of lashing and ratchet straps to allow drilling the epoxy resin part without any problems. For gas recovery the service cart is connected via a DILO coupling. A sinter filter integrated in the cutting device prevents solid particles from entering the service cart during the gas recovery process.

This device configuration is particularly interesting for companies specialized in the disposal and recycling of medium voltage components.

Gas tank for industrial use
Industrial gas monitoring parts

Other features:

  • Operation of the device with accumulator or hand drill
  • Self-closing DILO coupling as connection to the service cart
  • Device with lashing and ratchet strap
  • Integrated sinter filter
  • Storage in a stable transport case

Further versions are available on request.