Couplings for SF6 gas compartments

Unlimited diversity

DILO's range of couplings, adapters and transition pieces is diverse and does not leave much to be desired.

The delivery programme comprises:

  • SF6 gas connections available in DN6 to DN40 nominal diameters with different flange shapes, screw-in versions or as plug-in couplings
  • Soldering unions, screw-in stubs and gauge connections for gas tight piping
  • Ball valves in different versions and pressure ranges
  • Pressure and vacuum-tight rubber and wire braided hoses in different nominal diameters, lengths and finishes
  • Transition pieces and adapters for different nominal diameters
  • Connections for SF6 gas cylinders
  • Distribution panels and piping as well as customer specific special solutions

Here you can download the overall catalogue "DILO SF6 valves and couplings".