Measuring device for different decomposition products and gas residues

For precise measurement

 During the operation of gas insulated switchgear decomposition products might occur after a breakdown which has a negative impact on the gas quality in the circuit breaker as well as on the insulation properties.

For this reason the measurement of decomposition products is very important. The measurement can be carried out easily by means of test tubes and plastic bags. The following concentrations can be measured:

  • Sulphur dioxide SO2: 1 to 500 ppmv
  • Hydrogen fluoride HF: 1.5 to 15 ppmv
  • Oil mist: 1 to 10 mg/m³ (0.16 to 1.6 ppmm)

The device is supplied in a handy plastic case. Gastight couplings DN8 and DN20 are also included in the scope of supply.