DensiControl IN

For automatic testing of switching points of installed density monitors

DensiControl IN with connecting kit and 6 m long measuring hose

The F-gas regulation (EU) 517/2014 stipulates regular verification of density monitors installed in switchgear. In combination with a DILO lock valve it is possible to quickly check whether the density monitor switching points are triggered in time without disassembling the density monitor. Thus, the DensiControl IN allows very quick, easy and precise verification of the switching points without SF6 emission.

Toolbox with foam insert and monitoring

The density controller to be verified is selected in the database and is separated from the gas compartment with the lock valve. After starting the measurement the gas in the density monitor is slowly released and collected in the internal storage vessel. During that procedure, the switching points are activated and recorded automatically. Furthermore, the switching points can be stored in the system with serial number and temperature and downloaded for documentation later on. After the measurement the collected gas is pumped back to the switchgear.

Other features:

  • Automatic test process
  • Test of density monitor without disassembly and without SF6 emission (assembly of density monitor on lock valve is necessary)
  • Easy handling and menu navigation via colour touch panel (7“)
  • Storage of 50 density monitor types with their corresponding switching points
  • Storage of up to 200 measuring results
  • Data transmission to USB stick and data output as a test report
  • Indicating pressure units can be selected
  • Adjustable user languages: DE, GB and FR
  • Trolley for comfortable transportation
  • Optional remote control via mobile devices