The high-performance 3-stage oil-free compressor (220 bar pe) for industrial gases


The 3-stage oil-free B110R30 compressor ‘Made by DILO’ is the new power component for special systems in the field of non-explosive industrial gases. The high-compression 3-stage piston compressor for applications up to 220 bar (pe) completes the DILO compressor series, thus supplementing the fi eld of application by helium, synthetic air, nitrogen and CO2. The gas-tight and entirely oil-free compressor features a compact design. The gas remains oil-free and does not have to be filtered additionally. The compressor is air-cooled, thus, complicated water cooling is not necessary.

During development, special emphasis was put on a reliable and durable design. Thanks to the quick and reliable availability of spare parts directly from DILO, there are only minimal shutdown times in case of service or repair. Special gases require special gas handling systems. With the 3-stage B110R30 compressor, the special system manufactured by DILO for non-explosive industrial gases becomes a real high-performance package for your special applications.

  • Entirely oil-free compressor
  • Gas-tight version (no gas loss into the atmosphere)
  • Air-cooled
  • 3 cylinders with 3-stage oil-free version