Gas return

It often happens that gas mixtures used in gas compartments are contaminated with air, moisture or other by-products due to inadequate evacuation or incorrect gas handling. 

With Alternative Insulating Gases, direct purification on site is often not possible due to the strict concentration specifications of the manufacturers for the mixtures and thus, exchanging the entire gas mixture is inevitable.

DILO also offers the ecological and economical alternative in this field:

Reconditioning and reuse of your insulating gas mixtures instead of final disposal.

You can return your unusable gas mixtures to DILO, where single components of the gas mixture are purified and, on request, DILO provides you with individually produced new gas mixtures of the highest quality as part of the DILO Certified Gas service programme.

Thanks to the large storage capacities available to DILO, it is possible to store your gas directly into DILO rental vessels on site, or you can send your used gas to DILO and promptly receive your empty storage vessel back.

Our customers benefit from returning the gas to DILO by:

  • Reduced disposal costs
  • Improved "carbon footprint" by reconditioning and reuse
  • Quick processing time
  • Direct availability of new, individual gas mixtures