Complete product range for SF6-free gas handling

DILO product lines C4 and C5

We offer all devices for the emission-free handling of gas mixtures on the basis of 3MTM Novec 4710 or 3MTM Novec 5110, ranging from service carts and measuring devices up to units for recovery of gas mixtures and mixing units. We also have the right solution for the handling of other gas mixtures with CO2, N2 or O2.

C4 = NovecTM 4710 (C4F7N)
C5 = NovecTM 5110 (C5F10O)

With the devices of our product lines C4 and C5, gas compartments in the medium and high voltage range can be filled and recovered without emissions. The gas quality can also be reliably determined in the usual way and any leaks detected.

Manufacturer-independent development

As a specialist for gas handling, DILO also works with manufacturers and institutes that do not focus on the basic gases mentioned above.

Thanks to our in-house expertise in all fields of gas and gas mixture handling, we can offer you individual product solutions. DILO can supply you a suitable product for your special applications, starting with concept development through to detailed technical development and complete control development, the production of individual and special systems right up to commissioning.

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Martin Göppel, Project Manager Alternative Gases