Mixing unit for the production of gas mixtures with C4-FN

Mixing unit for the production of gas mixtures with C5-FK

The mixing units have been specially developed for the handling of gas mixtures based on C4-FN (p. eg. 3MTM NovecTM 4710) or C5-FK (p. eg. 3MTM NovecTM 5110) and their specific requirements. A total of three gas components can be mixed. The gas mixture is circulated by the compressor to generate a homogenous mixture.

Using the integrated compressor, the generated gas mixture can be filled directly into gas compartments or for transportation, stored into cylinders with up to 100 bar.

If necessary, e.g. when changing the mixing ratio, the mixing vessel can be emptied completely (< 1 mbar). The integrated vacuum compressor also enables the complete recovery of pressure cylinders, so that any residual quantities of the insulating fluids Novec 4710 or Novec 5110 can be completely fed into the mixing process and no gas loss occurs. A device that combines the latest technology with economic efficiency.

Adjustable gas components:

» C4-FN/C5-FK (p. eg. 3MTM NovecTM 4710/5110)
» Carbon dioxide CO2
» Oxygen O2
» Nitrogen N2
» Other gas components available on request

  • Gas storage: up to max. 100 bar
  • Recovery of gas down to < 1 mbar and storage into cylinder or gas compartment
  • Automatic control and 10” capacitive multi-touch panel
  • Optional operation via mobile devices
  • Digital weighing scales for pressure cylinders